Cast Bike (#45834)

Product No : 45834
Skill Level : 1
Package size : 75*119*45mm
Packing per CTN : 48(12)
GWT : 88g
Measurement : 0.03CBM
Difficult Level : tb1

Category: .

Product Description

This puzzle, created and patented by John R.Lynn, gathered a lot of attention in America back in 1898.

Using gimmick/principle similar to those used in the Cast Puzzle, A.B.C., this one has the same kind of labyrinth-like flow.

Since we weren’t able to reference the original puzzle, the remake of this one took a considerable amount of time.

We’re confident that we’ve created an accurate replica that’s just as enjoyable as the original.

The key word is “paths”.

NOB 1994


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