Cast Seabream (#54867)

Product No : 54867
Skill Level : 1
Package size : 75*119*45mm
Packing per CTN : 48(12)
GWT : 120g
Measurement : 0.03CBM
Difficult Level : tb1

Category: .

Product Description

In the summer of 1997, I saw two mackerels that had somehow managed to get into the sardine tank at the aquarium.  Watching these two fishes unable to blend in with the shoal of sardines made me wonder if they were on a journey of self-discovery.

What sort of adventures will they have?  Imagining this led to the conception of six cast puzzles based on oceanographic subjects.

Subject: Sea Bream

A sea bream and a mackerel are enjoying themselve, they are getting themselve tangled up together.  Take them apart, and then put them back together again.

Yamamoto 1998, 2008