Cast Vortex (#54379)
Cast Vortex (#54379)
Cast Vortex (#54379)

Cast Vortex (#54379)

Product No : 54379
Skill Level : 5
Package size : 75*119*45mm
Packing per CTN : 48(12)
GWT : 140g
Measurement : 0.03CBM
Difficult Level :

The three pieces each have a spiral (vortex) body and two protrusions. 

When assembled together, each piece is unified into a flat object. 

In order to undo this complex entanglement it will be necessary to unbind them three dimensionally.                                             

The motivation behind this idea is the statue of Asura. 

Asura is an ancient Indian god ans also a protector of Buddhism. 

The figure with the three faces and six arms conjured up the concept of Trinity.                                                 

Subject: Crest                                              

Yamamoto 2008                      

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