How can I buy your products?

Customers in Japan:

Hanayama products are available at some department stores and mass retailers’ toy stores or toy specialty stores nationwide. Or you can buy our products on Online Shopping Sites such as Amazon, Rakuten or Yodobashi.

HANAYAMA ONLINE SHOP is also open from 2021 November. (Deliver to Japan only)

Customers outside Japan:

Hanayama trade to international customers through our distributors. Please contact our distributors in your country or region for purchasing information.

I would like to become a distributor in my country/region.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Please send us an email to let us know which item you are interested in and we will get back to you.

My product is damaged.

We are very sorry that the product you purchased has a defect. Please contact the importer (our distributor) which has their information stated on the box. If you are not sure about the importer contact, please send us an email.

I purchased a product in Japan. Do you have English instruction?

We have English translation of instruction for some of the games sold in Japan. Please send us an email with the product name and we will get back to you.


My Huzzle cannot be disassembled. Is it a defective product?

During production, the pieces are produced separately and assembled for delivery. Please try your best to challenge it!

I cannot solve the Huzzle. Can I have the solution?

We do not include the solution with the product so you can enjoy the fun of solving the puzzles. But we have also prepared solution diagram for those who tried but cannot solve the puzzles. Please send us an email and we will provide the solution.


I have lost a piece/ a piece has broken.

If you purchased the BePuzzled version in the USA, please contact our USA distributor for replacement. If you purchased the Japanese version in Japan, please contact Hanayama Customer Service for replacement.

*Please provide the item name, color and the missing/broken piece number when contacting us.

The pieces do not hold together

There may be gaps between the pieces because the pole is not inserted yet. When the center pole is inserted and clicked, the pieces can be fixed in position.

I assembled the Crystal Puzzle, but the center pole does not fit.

Check if the center pole is inserted in the correct location or direction. You may refer to the assembly guide for the order of pieces.

I have lost the assembly guide/ The assembly guide is not included.

Japanese version assembly guide is available on our Japanese website (in the description of each item)
If you purchased the BePuzzled version in the USA, you may click onto this link for English assembly instruction.

You may also send us an email for instruction request.