Cast Cylinder (#55109)

Product No : 55109
Skill Level : 4
Package size : 75*119*45mm
Packing per CTN : 48(12)
GWT : 152g
Measurement : 0.03CBM
Difficult Level : tb4
Creator: Vesa Timonen

Product Description

As the name implies, there is a trick hidden inside the cylinder puzzle.

There is absolutely no hint or clue on how to start from the outside appearance.  If there is one hint that we can provide, it is to go about it as if you were cracking open a safe.  Enjoy finding the solution while pretending to be a spy cracking open a safe with a shaken not stirred martini by your side.

The theme is “lock”.

Designed by Vesa Timonen from Finland.

Hanayama Co. 2013