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Tubelet Pearl Peach

Tubelet Pearl Peach’s body is newly introduced in pink with new beads and tubes!

Tubelet is a hobby that you can make cute accessories simply by putting beads into a transparent tube. In addition to conventional tubes in “Tubelet”, we added thick tubes and net tubes in “Tubelet Pearl Peach”, allowing large pearl beads and diamond beads to be placed. This set introduce 3 kinds of new beads- 3 colours of pearl beads, 2 colours of metallic beads, 2 colours of diamond beads.

The new net tubes are softer that it can be bent and connected to a free shape as well as a bracelet. The instruction sheet will show how to make a ribbon charm.

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Package Size : 330 x 240 x 95mm
Package Weight : 653 g
Ctn Size : 610 x 365 x 510 mm
Ctn Weight : 9.8 g
Packing per Ctn : 6/12
Material : ABS, POM, PVC, PP, Glass, Acrylic, Paper

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